The Kentucky Entrepreneur Network has been formed to connect entrepreneurs in Kentucky

The initial funding for KEN was provided by the Making Smiles Happen Foundation of Delta Dental of Kentucky

KEN is conducting the Entrepreneur Climate Study to determine what is working in Kentucky to help entrepreneurs and what needs to be improved

KEN's goal is for REAL entrepreneurs to help other entrepreneurs thrive in the Commonwealth

Kentucky Entrepreneur Network

KEN connects entrepreneurs to each other, to mentors, investors, financing entities, technical service providers and resources. KEN enhances and grows the entrepreneur ecosystem through community-based entrepreneur champions, local chapters and competency based online training. KEN supports the needs of job creation and sustaining local economic development through growing existing small businesses and startups and addressing other social needs through social enterprises.   

The Kentucky Entrepreneur Network is entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs...

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Kentucky Entrepreneur Study

The first initiative of KEN is the Kentucky Entrepreneur Climate Study. 

This study is partially funded by a grant from the Delta Dental Making Smiles Happen program.  The objectives of the study are:

1. Measure the awareness of programs provided by economic development agencies to small businesses and the entrepreneur.
2. Measure the perceived effectiveness of these programs by Kentucky Entrepreneurs.
3. Capture a large enough sample as to provide statistical significance.
4. Provide meaningful data on what the needs of the small business community are to assist them in growing their business.

Future of Kentucky Entrepreneur Network

Kentucky, like many states has spent great effort and resources on developing programs for small businesses.  Often times these efforts are designed and administered by individuals who have no entrepreneurial experience.  The founders of the Kentucky Entrepreneur Network believe that it is time to actually ask the entrepreneur if these programs are meeting their needs.  Based on the feedback and results from the Entrepreneur Climate Study, the KEN organizers will develop a plan for moving forward.  Please join us to help us chart the course of the organization.  The organizers anticipate the organization providing informational resources and networking events to assist entrepreneurs.